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At Rover Parquets Flotants we have a wide range of products following to the latest trends and technologies to meet the needs of our customers at any time.


Wood flooring Bjelin, whith innovative solutions, like the hardened wood the hardened wood flooring Woodura.

Wood flooring with european wood and produced in Europe by Bjelin, which belongs to the group Välinge Innovation AB, known for its innovations such as the system click flooring (5G).

Bjelin collections:

  • Nadura: Natural wood flooring with a wide range of options all with an exceptional quality.
  • Woodura: Flooring with a top layer of hardened wood.

Check our Woodura Catalog.


Exclusive natural wood flooring, à la carte

High quality natural parquet with an exclusive and à la carte finishing. Rover catalog


German factory with more than 150 years of history. Pioneers in quality and sustainability.

Natural wood collections - finished with varnish, extra matt varnish or oil

  • Haro 2500, 3000 y 4000: Natural wood flooring with great variety and quality. Different kinds of sizes.
  • ParkettManufaktur: The highest quality range of Haro. Individual and exclusive hand-finished parquet.

Laminate flooring collections

  • Tritty 100: High quality flooring of AC4 resistance, with standard sizes and large format.
  • Tritty 200: High quality flooring, WATER RESISTANT, AC6, with standard sizes and large format.
  • Disano: PVC-free and plasticizers-free laminate flooring.
  • Corkett: Cork floors.


Vinyl and wood flooring

Vinyl flooring SPC y WPC including stone and wood visuals, with different resistance and finished levels.

Natural wood flooring with 1900 and 2200 mm long boards, herringbone and chevron.

Check our NovusCover catalog

Rover Cork

Cork based flooring

Different collections of cork based flooring from differnts producers, from the most traditional ones to the most innovative.

We are also distributors for other products like Wicanders, Pluscover or Orac.